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Social Business School 


Get to know the RSBS / UEA


The Rainforest Social Business School - RSBS/UEA emerges as a collective and synergistic effort focused on implementing businesses that ensure economic development, inclusion and social equity as market opportunities for products and services from tropical rainforests while respecting the inherent synergy of their ecosystems and societies

About Us

In this century, bioeconomy is pointed out as the vanguard economy and biodiversity is an essential pillar in this process. In this scenario, the Amazon has been pointed out as one of the most powerful bio-economic frontiers. With significant growth of public policies focused on strengthening/boosting bioeconomy in the Amazon rainforest, the interaction between educational institutions, the productive sector, the government and organized civil society institutions is essential in this process.

The time has come to enhance the opportunities of this economic model in the Amazon through processes that include the training of human resources for the adoption of new technologies, which use and benefit from natural assets in a variety of industries - from pharmaceuticals to energy, food, cosmetics, materials, welfare and mobility. The business of the rainforests should generate entrepreneurship led by local societies. However, the economic model is not yet in place.

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The business of the rainforests should generate entrepreneurship led by local societies. In May 2019, considering the urge for local entrepreneurship, UEA established contact with the Institute of Advanced Studies - IEA/USP, raising the possibility of implementing a process of collaborative training that enhances the emergence of businesses of this nature

Following numerous meetings, UEA hosted the "Seminar of Bioeconomy and Sociobiodiversity in the Amazon" in November. The event was organized by GREEN RIO and promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), with support from GIZ /Project Green Markets and Sustainable Consumption, and WWF.  During the meeting it was established the commitment of several institutions to establish a business school in the Amazon – The Rainforest Social Business School - RSBS/UEA.

The RSBS holds an innovative process of training human resources, using participatory methodologies, experiences and challenges inherent to situations of business management in a perspective of building knowledge and meaning that holds the Amazon in its economic vocation and establishes a horizon for new businesses or even the expansion and adaptation of those already existing



The Rainforest Social Business School looks for concrete opportunities to implement sustainable businesses that are able to take advantage of the competitive differentials that are present in the Amazon biome.


Forming and encouraging the creation of new sustainable businesses in the Amazon region.


  • Sustainable Synergy - Capacity to harmonize economic expansion, social justice and environmental conservation for the economic and social strengthening of the region.

  • Environmental Citizenship - Ability to fully exercise rights and duties associated with the defense of life, culture, territory conservation and the environmental balance in the planet.
  • Green/Ecofriendly Market - Change in market and consumer behavior making the production process more sustainable, with greater social impact and less impact on the environment and energy costs.


Innovation Agency

Our Structure

Currently located at 1146 Leonardo Malcher Avenue, downtown, the Escola Superior de Ciências Sociais - ESO, holds the regular bachelor's degree courses in Administration, Accounting and Economic Sciences, special courses in Economic Sciences, Military and Public Security, Public Security, Public and Citizen Security and technological courses mediated by technology in Public and Commercial Management, as well as master's degree courses in Public and Citizen Security and Environmental Law, among other lato sensu post-graduate courses in management, offered periodically at the unit.



The UEA Media Center located at 16 Kawakura Street, Parque Dez de Novembro, is responsible for transmitting the classes of bachelor's, undergraduate and technological courses offered to municipalities in the countryside in the Amazonas State, using the face-to-face system mediated by technology. In this center, the classes, seminars, talks, and other teaching strategies used in the courses will be recorded and transmitted.


The Innovation Agency of UEA is a supplementary department linked to the Rectory and it is responsible for the management of the Innovation Policy held by the University. AGIN manages the University's business portfolio and facilitates the academy-enterprise-government connection for necessary investments for the implementation of innovative and disruptive opportunities that will boost the economy and social development in the Amazonas state.


The University Business Incubator - INUEA is a center linked to the Innovation Agency - AGIN and hosts innovative businesses, startups of undergraduate students, professors, technicians and graduates, who receive infrastructure, monitoring and support from technicians and professors from the University and abroad. With facilities in place and in continuous expansion at the School of Social Sciences - ESO, Manaus, INUEA is implementing a new facility at the Itacoatiara Higher Education Center - CESIT.

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